Manufactured Homes a Popular Choice for Today’s Confined Homebuyers

Today’s American families are now cooped up at home, patiently waiting for this pandemic to subside. We know it will, and many of these families are renters who are now exploring affordable quality manufactured homeownership. More than ever, those hardworking, middle-income families, and those who feel confined in their homes are looking to manufactured housing as an option they may never have explored before.

Manufactured (HUD) Home

FMHA is here to help you navigate your journey to homeownership. With resources such as home builders, retailers, lenders, and communities fit for families and seniors alike, we are here to help you find and purchase the home of your dreams.

We believe in Smart-Florida Living. Why pay to share a wall with a noisy neighbor, or trek groceries up a few flights of stairs each and every day, when you can own a manufactured home for the fraction of the cost of a traditional, site-built home. What many don’t know, is that today’s manufactured homes feature incredible upgrades and safety features, while maintaining their affordability.

FMHA is your resource for homeownership. Check out our home buying guide here, where we explain the difference between modular and manufactured homes, educate you on the safety of manufactured housing, show you the options for buying a home in a community, guide you on insurance and financing, and give you the tools you need to take the next step to homeownership.


The quickest option for escaping the costly rent cycle is to explore today’s single section and subsequent multi-section manufactured and modular homes. These aren’t the “mobile homes” you might be thinking of, and bear little resemblance to the mobile homes of old. Energy efficiency, safety, appearance, size, and customization are all options the modern homebuyer can explore with manufactured housing today.

If you’re considering purchasing a manufactured home, let FMHA be your resource of choice.