Show Your Home Some Love

The month of February is all about love, so why not make your home your valentine this year?

Home is Where the Heart is

There’s something undeniably festive about a wreath, so it’s a shame when we have to put them away at the end of the holiday season. Turns out, with a little bit of creativity and some simple supplies, you don’t need to.

Get a foam heart wreath from a craft store and approximately a yard of a felt cloth in any shade of pink or red. Then, use a template to cut out three inch circles from the cloth before folding them twice into quarters. Then, pin them using straight pins to the heart until it’s covered.

It’s All about Subtlety

If you want your home to be filled with romanticism this month, you don’t have to cover the whole place with hearts. Placing small items throughout the home is easy and can bring a liveliness into your house that you don’t have to take down after February.

Place red colored books on your shelf, use red tablecloths, or sheets to transform your home into an aura of red. Try getting red containers for the kitchen to store important ingredients or red throw pillows for your couch.

When it comes to accenting your home, you can express yourself in a variety of ways, just like you can when creating your manufactured home.

Make Your Name Pop with these Rosy Letters

Make your home a little more personal this Valentine’s Day with these bold letters. All it takes are some papier-mâché letters, fake flowers, spray paint, and your trusty glue gun. You can choose flowers and a paint color of your choice, but roses and/or tulips against a white border create a perfect Valentine’s Day aesthetic.

First use a hobby knife to carefully remove the front material on the letter. Then, go to work cutting off the ends of the flowers and using your hot glue gun to affix the flowers to the inside of the letter.

While these are certainly romantic, you can keep them in your home year round to add a flare of flowers indoors. Hanging them in your bedroom is a perfect choice to help personalize your own space.

Bring Mother Nature into Your Home

It’s rare you find something that’s both beautiful and delicious. This candy filled vase can be lined with candies of your choice while also providing a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.

All you need are two circular vases of slightly different sizes. Make sure the smaller one can fit inside the larger one and still make room for your sweets. Fill the empty space between. Then, carefully fill the inner vase with water before inserting the romantic flowers of your choice.

Not only are flowers a great way to freshen up the home any time of year, but this centerpiece is certain to be noticed by any houseguests you have over this season.