Modular Homes West Palm Beach FL

Looking at Modular Homes in West Palm Beach, FL? Allow the FMHA to Assist You in Your Search

Modular Homes West Palm Beach FLNo search for modular homes in West Palm Beach, Florida, should be undertaken without the assistance of the Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc. Not only do we exist to serve the interests of our members, but also the needs of prospective home buyers like you who are looking for high-quality and affordable housing in a great location. The FMHA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the best-built homes in America, including modular homes that are built inside a factory and subsequently assembled on permanent foundations.

All modular homes in West Palm Beach, FL, are quality-crafted dwellings that either meet or exceed the requirements of the Florida State Building Code. The following is a brief overview of what makes modular housing so popular:

  • A modular home can be built three to six months faster than a comparably sized site-built house with similar design features.
  • Because they are put on permanent foundations and not designed to be moved from location to location, modular houses are titled as real property.
  • Modular homes are extensively customizable. Contrary to what you might have heard, they do not all look alike. Virtually any architectural style can be achieved through the modular building process.
  • All other things being equal, a modular home is going to be less expensive per square foot than a similar site-built home.
  • Going modular is a great option if the area in which you want to live has zoning requirements that prohibit mobile homes.

For more information, and to request an up-to-date listing of modular homes for sale in West Palm Beach, FL, contact the FMHA today. Members of our organization include modular home builders, 55+ community developers, lenders, insurance providers, and others who can help you achieve your housing dreams.