Modular Homes St. Petersburg FL is a Great Place to Search for Modular Homes in St. Petersburg, FL

Modular Homes St. Petersburg FLBe sure to seek help from the Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc. if you are looking for modular homes in St. Petersburg, Florida. The FMHA is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to promoting factory-built housing – i.e., single-family homes that are primarily constructed inside of technically advanced factory environments. A statewide trade association with hundreds of members, the FMHA does not sell anything directly to consumers. Rather, a significant aspect of our mission is to educate prospective homebuyers on the many benefits of buying a factory-built home, and to connect them with one or more FMHA members that can help them achieve their housing goals.

So, what are modular homes, and why are they springing up in ever-greater numbers in St. Petersburg, FL? The simplest definition of a modular home is a home that is built to local code inside of a factory setting. Manufactured homes, which are still sometimes referred to as mobile homes, are built a little bit differently. Those homes must conform to a nationally uniform federal building code and generally are not placed on permanent foundations.

Consider the following benefits of buying a modular house:

  • Modular homes are real property and qualify for all mortgage lending programs.
  • Because it must be strong enough to withstand the rigors of being transported via flatbed truck, a modular home is going to be engineered to a higher standard of strength than a manufactured home or even a traditional site-built home.
  • Thanks to the inherent efficiencies of the factory building process – including strict quality controls, faster building cycles, and rigorous third-party inspections – modular homes generally cost 15 to 20 percent less than comparably sized site-built homes with similar features.

Contact the FMHA today for more information. We will be pleased to help you in your search for modular homes in St, Petersburg, FL.