Modular Homes Pensacola FL

Buyers of Modular Homes in Pensacola, FL, Enjoy Superior Value for their Housing Dollar

Modular Homes Pensacola FLModular homes in Pensacola, Florida, are indistinguishable from those that are built onsite in the traditional manner. So, why buy a modular home? A modular home is one that is built indoors in a factory-like setting. Unlike a mobile home that leaves the factory in more or less completed condition, a modular house is trucked to an installation site in pieces (modules) and then assembled into a unitary structure by a local builder. Modular homes must adhere to the same building code that governs the construction of “stick-built” houses yet generally cost less, on average. Also, modular houses are extensively customizable – more customizable than mobile homes although a bit less customizable than site-built houses.

In Pensacola, FL, modular homes continue to experience a growth in popularity as home buyers become more value conscious. Consider the following advantages of going the modular route:

  • A modular home will be deemed real property and titled as such.
  • A modular home can be financed in exactly the same away as a site-built house with similar insurance rates.
  • A modular home is sturdier than a site-built house, as it must be built to withstand the rigors of long-distance highway travel.
  • A modular home can be built in virtually any architectural style you desire, from one-story ranch to two-story colonial.
  • The short build time that is associated with modular homes often translates into significant monetary savings for the buyer.

For additional information on the topic of modular homes, contact the Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc. We will be pleased to put you in touch with a reputable modular home builder or assist you in your search for modular homes for sale in Pensacola, FL. The FMHA has long been the voice of the manufactured housing industry in the Sunshine State.