Modular Homes Orlando FL

What are Modular Homes, and Why are There So Many of Them in Orlando, FL?

Modular Homes Orlando FLThe Orlando, Florida, area is experiencing a growth in the number of modular homes. A modular home is not the same thing as a manufactured, or mobile, home. Though both are produced in a factory, the similarities end there, by and large. Unlike manufactured homes that leave the factory more or less fully constructed, modular homes leave the factory as prefabricated sections called modules. These modules are then individually transported to the installation site, set in place via crane, and assembled by a builder. Perhaps the most important thing to know about a modular house is that it is set on a permanent foundation, enabling it to be treated as real property for insurance, valuation, and titling purposes.

There are many reasons, in fact, why you will be able to find an ever-growing number of modular homes in the Orlando, FL, area. Consider these additional benefits of going modular:

  • Modular homes do not depreciate in value, generally speaking. They appraise just the same as their site-built counterparts.
  • Unlike manufactured homes that are typically only one story, modular houses come in both one-and two-story models.
  • A modular home is actually stronger than a house that was built on site, due to the fact that it must be transported to the installation site and be able to withstand long-distance highway travel.
  • Modular building systems can go from design to move-in-ready condition three to six months faster than site-built houses.
  • Building a modular home is a great option if you desire a factory-built house but face local zoning restrictions.

For additional information, contact the Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc. – the voice of the manufacturing housing industry in the Sunshine State. We also encourage you to search for modular homes in Orlando, FL, by using the Quick Home Search box above.