Modular Homes Ocala FL

What Explains the Growing Popularity of Modular Homes in Ocala, FL?

Modular Homes Ocala FLModular homes are popping up in ever-increasing numbers in Ocala, Florida, and other locations throughout the state. A modular home is one that is built inside a factory and then subsequently transported to a plot of land to be installed. Manufactured homes, which used to be called mobile homes, are similar to modular homes but are different in a couple of important respects. For example, a modular home must conform to the Florida Building Code, while a manufactured home must most conform to a different standard established by the federal government, called the HUD Code.  Another difference is that a modular home may or may not be constructed on a permanent chassis, which provides greater design flexibility. (Both modular and manufactured homes are installed on a permanent foundation.)

The growth in the number of modular homes in Ocala, FL, arguably boils down to the fact that, similar to a manufactured home, a modular home will give you more “house” for your dollar. Though less expensive to build than a site-built home, a modular home will be the same in virtually every regard. It is even believed that modular houses are the sturdiest types of houses available, as they must be built to withstand the rigors of being transported from the factory to the installation site.

For more information about modular homes and the various steps involved in buying a modular home in Ocala, FL, contact the Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc. The FMHA serves as the collective voice for all those with a direct stake in the success of the manufactured housing industry in the Sunshine State. We will be pleased to do whatever we can to help you realize your housing goals. Members of our organization include builders of modular homes, builders of manufactured homes, community developers, lenders, insurers, and others.