Modular Homes Lake City FL

What do Owners of Modular Homes in Lake City, FL, Have in Common?

Modular Homes Lake City FLOwners of modular homes in Lake City, Florida, share the distinction of living in high-quality, affordably priced housing in an excellent part of the state. If you are looking to buy a home but understandably want to be sure that you are getting the best value, then you will want to consider the myriad benefits of investing in modular, or factory-built, housing.

A common misconception is that modular homes are in some way different than homes that are built onsite. Nothing could be further from the truth. A modular home is built to the same building code as a site-built home. The only difference is that a modular home was built inside a factory and later transported to the building site where it was installed on a permanent foundation – just like a conventional house.

Buyers of modular homes in Lake City, FL, benefit from being able to take advantage of one of the best housing deals in America. Here is some additional information about modular housing:

  • All modular homes must conform to the Florida Building Code.
  • Unlike some mobile, or “manufactured,” homes, a modular home erected on private property is real property and qualifies for a conventional mortgage. You save money because conventional mortgage interest rates are lower than personal property mortgage rates.
  • Most new modular houses have lots of energy-efficient features, such high-quality insulation and heat-reflective windows, that help to keep energy bills low.
  • Depending on the manufacturer, it is sometimes possible to buy a modular home that has two stories. All mobile homes, by contrast, are one story.

For more information about modular homes and the preliminary steps that you will need to take if you wish to buy one, contact the Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc. An important part of our mission at the FMHA is to educate prospective home buyers about the many benefits of factory-built housing, and to help them achieve their housing goals.