Modular Homes Florida

Modular Homes: What are They, and Why are They So Popular in Florida?

Modular Homes FloridaModular homes have become very popular in Florida. If you are in the market for a new home, then you will want to give buying a modular home your serious consideration. Otherwise, you might miss out on the many advantages that are known to be associated with modular housing.

The first thing to know about modular homes is that they are built inside a factory – not from the ground up on a construction site. Unlike mobile, or “manufactured,” homes, which are built to a federal building code, modular homes are designed, built, and inspected in accordance with the Florida Building Code and must be installed on a permanent foundation by a licensed contractor. Also, because modular houses are not required to be built on a permanent chassis, there are many more design options.

Here is a description of just some of the advantages of buying a modular home:

  • A modular home will likely be much more affordable than a comparable house that is/was built on site. Because it is predominantly built inside a factory where there are no weather delays, and where the builder can take advantage of economies of scale, a modular house simply costs less to build.
  • Quality, factory-based engineering, coupled with a rigorous inspection, results in a home that is just like a site-built structure, if not better.
  • Modular homes are economical not just because they are affordable to buy, but also because they are relatively inexpensive to heat and cool, thanks in part to airtight construction, lots of insulation, and other features.

If you want more information about modular homes, the Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc. will be pleased to tell you all you wish to know. Contact the FMHA today to request more information about modular housing and the buying process.