Modular Homes Clearwater FL

Why Have Modular Homes Become So Popular in Clearwater, FL?

Modular Homes Clearwater FLModular homes are springing up in Clearwater, Florida, in ever-increasing numbers – and for good reason. Modular housing systems cost less per square foot than comparable site-built homes and can be manufactured anywhere from three to six months faster than houses that are built on site in the traditional manner. Modular homes feature quality construction and safety built into every last detail. Today’s modular home builders go above and beyond to ensure that the homes they produce meet or exceed the most stringent residential construction standards.

Modular homes in Clearwater, FL, feature:

  • Strong exterior wall studs for improved sturdiness
  • Double roof trusses plus larger truss connector plates and more web members
  • Thick floor joists for heavier load requirements
  • Heavy-duty wall sheathing for extra strength and better acoustical properties
  • High-quality three-tab shingles for long-lasting beauty and dependable protection
  • Insulation in the attic and all exterior walls to help reduce heating and cooling costs and keep the indoor living environment comfortable
  • Longitudinal anchors at each end to provide additional stability in the face of shear-angle winds
  • Corrosion-resistant helical anchors and galvanized stabilizer plates

If you are hunting for a house in Clearwater, FL, and would like additional information on the many benefits of going modular, then be sure to contact the Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc. With our help, you will be able to develop a fuller understanding of why modular homes are such great investments for home buyers of all ages and situations. We invite you to search for modular housing systems in Florida using the Quick Home Search above.