Modular Home Tampa FL

What to Know Before You Buy a Modular Home in Tampa, FL

Modular Home Tampa FLIf you’re looking to buy a home in Tampa, Florida, buying a modular home certainly isn’t an option that you will want to overlook. What are modular homes, exactly? Modular homes are just like site-built homes only they are built primarily inside of factories. Unlike mobile (manufactured) homes, though, modular homes don’t leave the factory more or less ready to occupy. Instead, a modular home is transported to the installation site in large pieces (modules) and then assembled on a permanent foundation. Mobile homes, by contrast, are not set on permanent foundations and generally decrease in value, at least the ones that are located on leased land.

Perhaps the most important thing to know about buying a modular home in Tampa, FL, is that you will likely pay less money per square foot compared to a similar site-built house. Because they’re built inside of factories, modular homes can be built relatively quickly – weeks as opposed to months. The accelerated building process helps keep the price tag of modular homes low without sacrificing quality.

For more information, be sure to contact the Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc. We are the organization responsible for ensuring the continued health and growth of the factory-built housing industry in the Sunshine State. With our help, you will be able to find a great modular home in a nice neighborhood in Tampa, FL, and navigate the home-buying process with confidence.