Modular Home Fort Myers FL

Looking to Buy a Modular Home in Fort Myers, FL?

Modular Home Fort Myers FLAsk any modular home owner in Fort Myers, Florida, whether they feel they made the right decision in buying a modular house and you are likely to hear a resounding “Yes!” Though modular homes still only make up a small percentage of houses built in the United States every year, there is a distinct groundswell of popularity suggesting that modular housing will soon become a mainstay in the world of residential real estate. Simply put, a modular home is one that is built partly inside a factory. Individual sections – called modules – are shipped to the installation site where they are assembled by a qualified building contractor. Utility connections and all other finishing work is completed by licensed tradespeople in full accordance with local building code. The resulting house is a sturdily built, high-quality dwelling that is economically priced.

Aside from the method by which it is constructed, buying a modular home in Fort Myers, FL, is essentially the same as buying a home that is site built. For example:

  • Modular homes have permanent foundations and are legally considered real (i.e., immovable) property.
  • Obtaining a loan for a modular home follows the same process as applying for a loan for a site-built house.
  • Insurance premiums for modular homes and site-built homes are similar.
  • Unlike manufactured (mobile) homes, which depreciate a lot like automobiles, modular homes have a tendency to become more valuable over time.

For additional information about modular homes, contact the Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc. today. The FMHA is dedicated to promoting the best-built homes in America: modern, factory-built housing. We will be pleased to help you find a modular home in or near Fort Myers, FL, and put you in touch with one or more FMHA members that can help you confidently navigate the home-buying process.