Modular Home Crystal River FL

Let the Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc. Help You Find a Modular Home in Crystal River, FL

Modular Home Crystal River FLAre you thinking about buying a modular home in or near Crystal River, Florida? If so, don’t go it alone. Be sure to seek help from the Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc. – a progressive statewide trade association that is committed in part to helping prospective homebuyers like you achieve their housing goals. Since the 1940s, the FMHA has been at the forefront of the factory-built housing industry in the Sunshine State. We can help you search for a pre-owned modular home in the Crystal River, FL, area or, alternatively, put you in touch with one or more FMHA members who can provide assistance with all aspects of buying a brand new custom modular house.

Just what is a modular home, exactly? It is just like a site-built home but is partially manufactured inside a factory. Individual sections called modules are transported to the installation site. There, a licensed building contractor joins the modules together on top of a permanent foundation. For all intents and purposes, a finished modular house is just as good as a house that was built in its entirely onsite – if not better. Technologically advanced factory fabrication helps ensure sturdy construction and significantly shorter completion timetables. Modular homes tend to appreciate in value just like their site-built counterparts and are treated the same for both insurance and home loan purposes.

For help with finding a modular home in the beautiful Crystal River area of FL, contact the Florida Manufactured Housing Association today.