Mobile Homes Fort Myers FL

The Benefits of Living in a Community of Mobiles Homes in Fort Myers, FL

Mobile Homes Fort Myers FLIf you are thinking about living in a community of mobile homes in Fort Myers, Florida, then you have come to the right place. The Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc. is an organization that can help you find a quality home in a great community with lots of friendly neighbors. Founded in 1947, the FMHA has been instrumental in making high-quality housing affordable for countless people. This website contains a wealth of information about mobile homes and the many benefits that come with buying a mobile home instead of a site-built structure.

Buyers of mobile homes in Fort Myers, FL, benefit from being able to live in comfortable housing that is situated in a secure, welcoming setting. Manufactured home communities are planned developments that are designed to provide all the benefits of homeownership for less money. Communities such as these can be broken down into two basic types:

  • 55+ communities – As the name implies, these types of communities limit residency to people ages 55 and older. This lifestyle may ideally suit retirees on fixed incomes who desire affordability without sacrificing the creature comforts of life.
  • All-age communities – Families with children are welcome with open arms at these developments, which typically have amenities that cater to children such as playgrounds, swimming pools, and basketball courts.

The mobile homes that are built today are a far cry from the “trailers” of decades gone by. They are manufactured using advanced technologies and must conform to a stringent federal building code.

Contact the FMHA today to either start or continue your search for a mobile home in Fort Myers, FL.