Mobile Homes FL

The Florida Mobile Homes of Today are a Far Cry from those of Yesteryear

Mobile Homes FLFlorida mobile homes certainly run the gamut in terms of quality. However, many of those that are being built today bear little, if any, resemblance to mobile homes that came off the assembly line decades ago. Thanks to advances in manufacturing, and to increased demand for high-quality yet affordable housing, factory-built homes have risen to become the best deal in housing in the state. Retirees, first-time home buyers, and all types of people in between can enjoy all the benefits of homeownership for less money thanks to modern, factory-built housing.

All of the premier builders of mobile homes in Florida belong to the Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc. The FMHA is a 700-plus member organization dedicated to supporting the various parties that have a vested interest in the continued growth and maturation of the manufactured housing industry. On this website, you will discover a wealth of information on the topic of manufactured homes. Subjects include:

  • Cost – Perhaps the biggest factor behind the popularity of factory-built homes is their affordability.
  • Location – Most manufactured homes in Florida are located in planned communities, which can either be age-restricted (55+) or open to people of all ages.
  • Accessibility – Floor plans can be modified to accommodate people with disabilities and those who wish to age in place.
  • Financing & insurance – The FMHA will be pleased to put you in touch with financial institutions that can help you obtain financing for a manufactured home and get it insured.

Contact the FMHA today for more information about Florida mobile homes and how today’s homes are just as good as site-built structures – if not better.