Mobile Home Parks Tampa FL

Mobile Home Parks Have Never Been More Popular in Tampa, FL

Mobile Home Parks Tampa FLThere are mobile home parks in Tampa, Florida, that look virtually nothing like the “trailer parks” you might be accustomed to seeing. Thanks to advances in manufacturing, as well as a pronounced increase in demand for high-quality yet affordably priced homes, the single-wide trailers of yesteryear are gradually being outnumbered by factory-built houses that look every bit as nice as site-built houses. Now called manufactured homes, these homes generally cost just a fraction of the price of site-built homes. They are built inside strictly regulated factory environments and can be produced in nearly half the time that it takes for site-built houses to be constructed.

Residents of many mobile home parks in the Tampa, FL, area able to enjoy an important slice of the American Dream for surprisingly little money. At the Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc., one of the goals of our organization is to disseminate accurate information about factory-built housing to the public so that prospective home buyers don’t miss out on an opportunity to buy a quality, affordably priced home in a great community. The FMHA – the voice of the manufactured housing industry in Florida – is an invaluable resource for anyone who might be interested in buying a manufactured home and joining the ranks of those who reside in one of Florida’s manufactured home communities. This website, for example, has a wealth of information pertaining to the topic of manufactured housing, including:

  • Finding a location and community
  • Partnering with a builder
  • Selecting a floor plan
  • Obtaining financing
  • Getting a home insured
  • And more

Contact the FMHA for additional information. We have an extensive listing of mobile home parks in Tampa, FL, as well as a lengthy directory of builders, lenders, insurers, lawyers, and others – all of whom are FMHA members.