Mobile Home Orlando FL

The Benefits of Mobile Home Park Living in Orlando, FL

Mobile Home Orlando FLDon’t underestimate the many benefits of living in a mobile home park in Orlando, Florida. Increasingly, mobile homes are the top choice for retirees, working professionals – anyone who wishes to reap all the benefits of homeownership in affordable and secure setting with lots of friendly neighbors.

Though mobile home park living isn’t necessarily right for everyone, you’d be surprised at how different it truly is from the commonly held stereotype. Benefits include the following:

  • Affordable housing – Mobile homes generally cost 10 to 35 less per square foot than comparably sized homes that are built on site. And, thanks to advances in the building process, mobile homes are just as nice as, if not better than, houses that are built on site.
  • Low-maintenance living – Less home and less land to take care of means a reduction in the time you spend on chores.
  • Amenities – It is common for mobile home parks to have a wide array of on-site amenities that are strictly for the use and enjoyment of the residents and their guests. These often include a pool, tennis courts, and clubhouse.
  • Great location – It’s no secret that Orlando, FL, is an exciting place to live. There are the theme parks, yes, but, in truth, the Orlando area is home to a whole lot more, including an eclectic array of restaurants, thought-provoking museums, and performing arts venues.

For more information about mobile home park living, and for help finding the right home for you in Orlando, FL, contact the Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc. today.