Memorial Day BBQ Tips

Everyone looks forward to Memorial Day and the cookouts that come with it. As a homeowner, Memorial Day gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your home to friends and family. Make sure that your backyard-BBQ is a success – here are a handful of tips and tricks for a cookout everyone will remember.

Use Wood Chips For Better Flavor

The grill is the center of attention at any summer cookout. You can’t beat the flavor that comes from cooking over an open flame. If you want to take your cookout to the next level, try trading out traditional charcoal briquettes for wood chips. We recommend chips of wild cherry, oak, or sweet chestnut, but any wood used to smoke meat will give you that extra savory flavor you’re after. Make sure you soak the wood chips for a couple hours before you’re ready to put them on the grill to prevent them from catching fire.

Delegate the Menu

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Planning and hosting a BBQ can be a big job, but it should be fun. More often than not, your guests will ask what they can bring or how they can help. Save yourself time, and stress, by asking them to bring their favorite side dish or drink of choice.

It’s Not Just About the Grill

No good cookout is complete without games. Plan some fun activities for the whole family to participate in. A game of corn hole, horseshoes, or limbo are all great ways to keep both parents and kids entertained all day.

Take Time to Remember

The most important tip of all: take time to honor and remember those who died fighting for our country. Often we get so wrapped up in the excitement of a day off and the start of summer, we forget the main reason for Memorial Day. The tradition began after the Civil War where people would decorate the graves of fallen soldiers, but after World War I, Congress established Memorial Day as a national holiday dedicated to the fallen soldiers of all American conflicts.