Manufactured Homes: Top Savings

Everyone loves a good deal, especially when it means saving while still having it all. Manufactured homes are safe, spacious, and affordable, and save homeowners money without compromising quality. Because of the unique nature in which manufactured homes are constructed, they offer top savings for families looking to purchase or build a home. Check out some of the savings that come with building a manufactured home.

No Unforeseen Delays

Built by craftsmen

Traditionally, when you build a home, you might expect to incur some delays in construction. Delays may be due to any number of things, but commonly, we see weather delays impacting timelines in construction. Manufactured homes have the advantage of being built in a factory, hand-built by skilled craftsmen. No weather delays mean you save time and money, and move into your dream home just that much quicker.


Less Material Waste

Drive by any home construction site and you’ll see tons and tons of wasted materials and trash. Visit a factory and you’ll see a much more efficient, clean process. Manufactured homes are prefabricated, so materials are cut to specific sizes for fabrication, resulting in much less material waste on-site of your home. In fact, most of our member builders recycle or reuse waste generated during construction, keeping waste out of landfills.


More Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Not only are manufactured homes built according to stringent building codes for safety, but when building a new home, you have the option to make your home eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Depending on the builder, homeowners can opt for energy-efficient appliances or solar panels, paint using lighter colors, add insulation to walls and flooring, and more. Incorporating a few energy-saving features can reduce your energy bill and increase your resale value.


What you’ll save when building a manufactured home allows for you to map out your home in a way that’ll meet your lifestyle and every need. Save without sacrificing quality by taking advantage of a manufactured home and you’ll be residing in your dream home in no time.