Manufactured Homes Lake City FL

What Explains the Growth in the Number of Manufactured Homes in Lake City, FL?

Manufactured Homes Lake City FLThe Lake City, Florida, area is experiencing pronounced growth in the number of manufactured homes. Increased interest in this type of housing shouldn’t come as a surprise, though. That is because a manufactured home provides all of the benefits of a site-built structure yet can be purchased for only a fraction of the price. Simply put, manufactured houses provide superior value. Because they are built to the HUD Code – a federal building code applicable to factory-built housing – manufactured homes are comparable to site-built homes, if not better. There are many excellent floor plans from which to choose and the factories in which these homes are built are technologically advanced, regularly inspected environments. In Lake City, FL, and elsewhere across the country, manufactured houses are in high demand among buyers who desire high-quality housing for less money.

This website, the online home of the Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc., contains a treasure trove of information on the topic of manufactured homes. One of the foremost aims of our organization is to educate consumers on the myriad advantages of manufactured housing, low cost being just one of them. The FMHA website is an excellent resource offering a wealth of information about:

  • The benefits of purchasing a manufactured home
  • The home buying process (including how to obtain financing and insurance)
  • The merits of placing a home on owner-occupied or leased land
  • Finding a location to live
  • Finding companies that build manufactured homes
  • Selecting a floor plan
  • And more

The core mission of the FMHA today is substantially the same as it was decades ago when the organization was founded. We are dedicated to promoting the best-built homes in America and serve as an intermediary between prospective buyers of manufactured homes and the various service providers that can help them achieve their housing goals.

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