Lemonade! Lemonade! Get Your Lemonade!

August 20th is National Lemonade Day. We may be at the tail end of summer, but the hot weather is kicking into full gear and there’s nothing better than a refreshing, cool glass of lemonade to beat the summer heat. In communities across America and here in the Sunshine State, setting up a lemonade stand is an age-old way for kids to earn some pocket money. Share these tips on setting up a successful stand with your young ones.

lemonade stand


Location, Location, Location

Your instinct might be to set up your stand in front of your home, but ask your property manager if you can set up at the clubhouse or park in your community. Choosing a central location in your neighborhood will increase visibility and your number of potential customers. Get the entire neighborhood involved and organize a lemonade stand block party. Many communities choose to give their proceeds to a local nonprofit. Doing good never tasted so good! Encourage every house to set up shop and sell a variety of drinks and snacks.
Pro Tip: Have an umbrella, sunscreen and bottles of water for your kids as they are outside. Lemonade Day has more helpful tips here.

lemonade stand


Make Your Lemonade STAND Out

All you really need for a basic stand is a table, but a stand that shows creativity and effort is likely to get more customers. Once you have your lemonade stand ready, have your kids decorate it with hand painted signs and a menu. Creating handmade signs is a fun way to make your stand a neighborhood sensation.

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Go All Natural

Instant lemonade is tempting for its low cost and easy use, but making lemonade from scratch is healthier and will really satisfy customers. Promoting your lemonade as homemade will also draw in more customers, so it’s a win-win for everyone! Check out this recipe for a refreshing homemade lemonade from Simply Recipes.

lemonade stand


More Than One Way to Juice a Lemon

Don’t limit yourself to just lemonade. Homemade baked goods or simple sandwiches are easy to package and serve alongside your lemonade. If you want to keep things simple, bags of chips and cookies are easy products to store and sell. All Recipes has a great version of a lemonade slushy. This frozen delight will offer a cooler taste to your customers in the summer heat.

FMHA manufactured home


Lemonade Isn’t The Only Thing That Can Be Homemade

Homemade lemonade is great but did you know that manufactured homes are homemade too? Just as you and your kids put care and thought into every step along the way, manufactured homes are hand-built by real people. Fannie Mae has launched the “Home. Made.” campaign to highlight just how much delicate work and craftsmanship goes into making a manufactured home and counters common misconceptions about them. Click here to learn more about Fannie Mae and homemade manufactured homes.