June is Country Cooking Month

Nothing makes a house feel like a home more than the aromas of a delicious meal coming from the kitchen. Cooking a meal is a great way to bring families together and create lasting memories. If you’re one for country cooking, then you’re in luck because June is Country Cooking Month! We’ve gathered together our top four tips to inspire your country cooking this month.

Make a Country Cookbook

Do you have random recipes lying around the house? Compile all of your favorite country recipes into a custom cookbook. These recipes can be of your creation, favorites you’ve learned from others, or family recipes that have been passed down for generations. You can keep it for personal reference, or share copies with family and friends, so they never have to go without your cooking!

Try Cooking in a Cast Iron Skillet

Get a taste of the old frontier by trying your hand at cooking with a cast iron pan. Cast iron pans are known for their flavorful impact and are making a comeback in the kitchen. If your grandmother didn’t leave you a cast iron pan, you can find one at your local home goods store. Before cooking, make sure the skillet is seasoned, even if it comes “pre-seasoned.” For details on how to properly season your skillet check out this helpful guide. Once it’s seasoned, the pan will maintain itself through regular use as long as you use gentle soaps and methods to clean your pan. If taken care of, cast iron pans can last a lifetime and become an heirloom you can pass on to your children.


You can opt out of using soap when cleaning your cast iron pan. This can help savor all the natural flavors from cooking.

Long ago, folks who lived out in the country had to hunt and fish for food. While hunting might not be your glass of iced tea, fishing is a fun and family-friendly way to feel the thrill of catching your meal. Most fishing in Florida requires a license, but if you don’t have one, you’re in luck this month! The first Saturday and Sunday of June is a license-free saltwater weekend with the second Saturday and Sunday being a license-free freshwater weekend. Once you have everything you need, it’s time to go down to the watering hole. Make sure to keep anything you catch on ice and learn how to clean a fish here. Fry up some hushpuppies to go with with your fresh caught fish and you’ll have yourself an authentic country style dinner.

Crunchy Fried Veggies

Without a doubt, southern cooking consists of frying the majority of your food. As we try to eat healthier, it can be useful to know how to fry more than meat, potatoes, and hush puppies. Try bell peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, and zucchinis – the opportunities are endless! You can also use a healthier batter like almond flour or eliminate the grease all together and use an airfryer! Just make sure when preparing to fry vegtables, you give them a good dusting of flour to absorb moisture to prevent a soggy side and instead give you that perfect country crisp.