Declutter Now in Prep for Your Future Move

As we all have a little more time on our hands, now is a great time to tackle projects at home we don’t usually make time for. If you’re on the hunt to purchase a manufactured home, now is the perfect time to spring clean and ensure your upcoming move is seamless.

Get Started

Not only will getting rid of clutter in your home make your upcoming move easier, your fresh space will be attractive to prospective renters or buyers. To start, focus on one central room, and sections within that room. Try starting with the guest bedroom, and tackle a dresser or two to begin. Start sorting your items for donations, trash, storage and keepsakes.

Organize Your Items

Once your space is refreshed, reduce clutter even further by organizing. Organizing your home will help to keep everything in its place, and moving out of your home will be easy when your house is already kept and organized.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Whew! The hard part is done. Now where do you put all your unused, unwanted items? There are a few options, and start with what you can get out of the house, first. If items are not of any value due, damaged, or unusable, it’s probably best to toss in the trash or recycle.

Now you’re probably left to sort through items to donate. Can any friends or family members use these items? Want to make some cash to help with an upcoming move without running a garage sale? Many services online offer users virtual ways to sell clothing, accessories, household items and furniture, all from home.

And of course, almost all items in good condition can be donated to local charitable organizations, like Goodwill or Salvation Army. Check out different organizations online to learn about their mission and find information about the donated items they accept.

Take the Next Step

After decluttering, you’ll be ready for a seamless move into your manufactured home. Reach out to FMHA today to begin the process of finding or building the manufactured or modular home of your dreams.

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