Built On Choices


Across the entire state there are many FMHA-affiliated communities, builders and retailers who are there to help you, just like Andrew. Feel overwhelmed by the numerous nuances that go into selecting a new home? Don’t worry, a housing specialist can help decide what’s best for your needs and can answer any questions that you have at every turn in this process. Manufactured homes are fully customizable, allowing you to choose everything from the floor plan to the light fixtures.

Whether you want to live in a community or own your own home, our FMHA members have representatives who can direct you on all of your options.

What do you do now?

The choice is all yours. There are numerous options for achieving your dream home:

  • Place a predesgined or custom home on your private land
  • Visit a retailer to see the most popular home models
  • Enjoy one of our members’ master-planned communities

Search our network to find your perfect home.

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