Hand-Built for You

What makes a house a home? The short answer—people.

The people who live there and create memories, as well as the people who build them with their hands, make a house a home. If you’re looking for an affordable housing option that is the highest quality, you’ve come to the right spot. Every manufactured home is built from floor to ceiling by the hands of hardworking, skilled craftsmen who genuinely love what they do. From framers and flooring experts, to engineers and electricians – the professionals in our industry bring passion and meticulous attention to detail to each house that you can call home.

Hand-Built Homes

All of our homes are constructed by professionals who care about doing an outstanding job. Behind our factory doors, we control…

  • Climate – no weather delays or setbacks
  • Quality standards – every home is built to federal code and undergoes frequent third-party inspections
  • Timeline – faster than a site-built home