Celebrating Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is a time dedicated to celebrating remarkable women and their contributions to society. We’re especially grateful this month for Susan Maxman, an award-winning architect notorious for her lasting impact on the manufactured housing industry.

Who Is Susan Maxman?

Susan Maxman was a pioneer for her time. Despite receiving less mentorship and lower pay in a male dominated industry, Susan quickly excelled in her career as an architect. Only three years after finishing her education, she started her own firm, which would go on to be nationally recognized as Susan Maxman Architects.

The sense of eagerness she had to voice her opinion and break barriers for women in the industry motivated her to join and hold positions in various professional organizations. In 1992, Susan was the first female elected President of the American Institute of Architects. She advocated for sustainable and ecologically conscious architecture during her time as President.

Susan’s Impact on Manufactured Housing

Among Susan’s many achievements is her collaboration with the Manufactured Housing Institute on the Urban Design Project in 1977, which introduced manufactured housing to five urban areas.

The project was designed to not only create more affordable, accessible housing for those locations, but to showcase manufactured housing as a viable option for families. Maxman paved the way for changes in manufactured housing zone laws by creating models that ensured the design of each home would match preexisting architecture in the neighborhoods.

We’re elated to honor Susan Maxman as we celebrate Women’s History Month. As the manufactured housing industry continues to advance, we will always remember the incredible contributions Susan Maxman made to our industry to get us closer to where we are today.