Celebrating “Eat Better, Eat Together” Month

This October, FMHA is celebrating the month-long holiday, “Eat Better, Eat Together”

Sometimes, you feel like you need to perform miracles just to get the whole family together for a sit down meal. It’s 2019, and it’s easier than ever to forgo a home-cooked meal. The options for delivery, takeout and drive through are endless, but this month we challenge you to celebrate Eat Better, Eat Together month with us.

Not only does this holiday aim to improve overall health of families through healthy, home-cooked meals, but it also strengthens the bonds of family. Gathering for a family dinner allows us to unplug, connect with each other, and create stronger family communication. Keep reading for tips on preparing nutritious, hearty meals while spending that much desired quality time together.


Make It Simple

Families have the opportunity to easily turn meal-prepping into a bonding experience. Gathering ingredients and cooking a meal is a fun family activity; mix cooking in with teamwork, and assign tasks to each family member. While you’re cooking together, you’ll have time for chit-chat about your day, all while lightening the load of cooking to feed a hungry family. There’s always the Crock-Pot, too!



Be Ready to Freeze!

Eat a batch tonight, and freeze one for later. You can freeze meals like casseroles and soups, allowing you and your family to spend less time on meal prep, and more time conversing and enjoying each other’s company over the dinner table. Preparing and freezing meals ahead of time also saves money since you won’t be as tempted to eat out.

Check out CookingLight for some heavenly, healthy make-ahead meals



The More the Merrier

Eat better and eat together with family, friends, and neighbors. Taking time out of your day to dedicate a meal together will further strengthen the bonds of family, friends and neighbors. Many of our FMHA-affiliated communities have outdoor amenities perfect for a block party or a cookout. State-of-the-art kitchens are more attainable than ever in manufactured housing. Imagine this: with a manufactured home, you can build your dream kitchen (and the rest of your home) for less than the price of a kitchen alone in many conventional homes.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, but take time to celebrate national Eat Better, Eat Together month with us, and reap the social, physical, and emotional benefits of eating together as a family, or with a community of friends and neighbors.

Cheers to a nutritious and mindful “Eat Better, Eat Together” Month!