A Solution to the Affordable Housing Crisis

A viable, cost-effective solution is in sight for the affordable housing crisis sweeping the state of Florida. Families, retirees and first-time homebuyers alike, people are actively looking for housing that won’t eat away at their income. More people are turning to the rental market because they don’t have enough for a down payment on a home. A new report found that 6 in 10 employed adults in South Florida are spending more than 30 percent of their income on rent. That’s the highest of any metro area in the country.

Inflated rental markets and trending solutions like cramped tiny homes and container homes are not the only options homebuyers have for affordable housing. Manufactured homes deserve a second look as the industry has advanced tremendously. Today’s manufactured homes are personal to your style, built to the highest quality standards, and best of all: affordable.

Kicking Rumors to the Curb

Since the 1970s we’ve all heard rumors about manufactured or modular housing, statements like “They’re cookie cutter, unsafe and cheap.” Leave these rumors to the ‘70s, as building codes and standards enforced by HUD began in 1976, ensuring manufactured homes are constructed to performance standards that compare favorably to state, local or regional building codes as traditional, site-built homes. Modern manufactured homes are built to last and prospective buyers can find peace of mind knowing each home is hand-built to protect against destructive forces like hurricane force winds.

Not only are manufactured homes safe, but a myriad of options are available to customize your home. From wide open floor plans to custom gourmet kitchens, luxurious bathrooms and high-end finishes, manufactured housing truly does it all, for less. The biggest advantage of today’s manufactured home? Their affordability and potential property tax savings. With cutting edge improvements in the build and technology of prefabricated homes, it’s time to reconsider what it means to buy a manufactured home.


As proud advocates for the manufactured housing industry, FMHA is dedicated to finding you the home of your dreams. Our homes are hand-crafted and meticulously built in Florida and South Georgia, in a controlled environment, ensuring homes are built with quality materials, less waste and minimal weather delays.

We encourage you to take a step back and consider your perspective. Tremendous advancements have taken place since the 1970s, and the manufactured housing industry should be classified among these advancements.

Our Solution

As the affordable housing crisis burdens the state, so many individuals and families are in need of a cost-effective solution. Buying a manufactured home today is not what it was nearly 50 years ago. Prefabricated homes are an incredible, safe alternative to costly rent payments and recent trends such as tiny homes and container homes.

Our local jurisdictions need to look closely at and consider the manufactured housing industry as we work for more affordable workforce housing. So forget the idea of yesterday’s trailer, because manufactured homes are today’s picture of comfortable, stylish living.