5 Things to Consider Before Selecting a Location for Your Home

When looking for your next home, or even your first home, location is key. Buying a home isn’t like buying a new pair of shoes or that bag you’ve been eyeing. It’s a purchase that will benefit you for years to come and serves as an investment. Not only do you want to make a smart investment, but you want to build or buy a home that you and your family will enjoy. Something fit to your lifestyle. The choices are yours, but what choices are most important to consider? Location is one of them.

Community Age Range

If you’re buying an FMHA manufactured home, you have the option to purchase a home or lot in a community. Some communities are open to all ages and some are age-restricted for retirement living. All-age communities tout benefits like various amenities for children, while 55+ communities provide luxury amenities and events for retirees.


Surrounding Area

Florida’s vast landscape covers nearly 500 miles running north to south. Whether you’re along the coast, in the country, closer to Georgia, or down in the Everglades, there’s something for everyone. When looking to purchase a home, consider the surrounding area. Some areas are more lively for families with networking opportunities, while other areas relish in a slower-paced lifestyle soaking up the Florida sunshine.


Neighborhood Style

Are looking for something on the golf course? Closer to the beach? Just want a pool and a shuffleboard court? Many of our FMHA communities have something different for everyone. It’s easy to find a style that fits your needs. Work with our retailers to find the perfect fit for you. You may enjoy block parties, or you might prefer a more low-key environment. Your environment is important.



School Zones

If you have little ones or are planning to have little ones, you’ll want to research schools in the area. How far will your daily commute be? One thing you cannot change is the school district that your home is located in. If you don’t plan to have children, but you plan to resell, the value of a home is largely impacted by its location to great schools.



Daily Commute

This goes hand in hand with school zones. If you don’t mind a longer drive, this may not be a big factor to you. Florida has pockets of city life, rural, and suburban, so it’s possible to have a 5-minute commute or an hour-long commute depending on where you live. You can also factor ‘centrality’ into this – how close is the nearest grocery store? Or other stores you may need to frequent? If you’re not an online shopper, is there a mall or stores close by you’ll enjoy going to? Florida is growing fast, so finding a location that isn’t too far on the outskirts of your new town is ideal.

Our members and retailers can help you explore Florida and find a place that’s right for you. With comprehensive knowledge and insider knowledge on up-and-coming neighborhoods and regional trends, work with someone who has the experience you need to find your perfect fit.

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