A Wide Selection of Floor Plans for Manufactured Homes from FMHA Member-Builders

Manufactured Homes Floor PlansToday’s manufactured homes are available with floor plans that can accommodate just about any budget and lifestyle. Many builders utilize highly sophisticated computer-aided design (CAD) software to ensure that every manufactured home leaving their facility is engineered with an unparalleled degree of precision. As a prospective buyer of a factory-built house, you will be pleased to know that FMHA can provide you a list of reputable builders offering floor plans covering the entire spectrum of what is possible in the realm of manufactured housing. FMHA is a not-for-profit consortium of manufactured home builders and affiliated organizations that all play a vital role in making the best-built homes in America affordable for millions of people.

Whether you are interested in buying a cozy one-bedroom house or a spacious multi-bedroom home with two stories, electing to buy a manufactured home guarantees that you will get incredible value for your money. That’s because your new manufactured home will:

  • Take significantly less time to build than a site-built structure
  • Feature the same quality materials, modern amenities, and energy-saving features that any site-built home would have
  • Cost less than a site-built home of comparable size by 15 to 20 percent
  • Adhere to a federal building code (HUD Code) that is more stringent than the buildings codes of most states and municipalities

Both inside and out, it is virtually impossible for most people to tell the difference between a high-quality factory-built home and a home that was built directly on the property. Floor plans for today’s manufactured housing typically feature high-end kitchens, luxurious baths, spacious porches, energy efficient appliances, and more. The only appreciable difference between a manufactured home and a site-built home is the price!

Contact FMHA today for additional information, or, better yet, search our membership directory for builders offering a wide selection of floor plans for manufactured homes. We also invite you to consult our online Home Buying Guide, which is an excellent source of information that can be of great use to you throughout the home-buying process.