Hand-Built for You

A new year brings about new changes for many – whether it be personal goals, work goals, fitness goals, or (in our case) industry goals. So, what exactly is FMHA’s goal for 2018? We resolve to present the manufactured housing industry in its truest form for everyone to see. With the launch of our Hand-Built Homes campaign, we are showcasing the expert craftsmen who make the house that you call home. Hand-Built Homes highlights these incredibly talented professionals – architects, manufacturers and sales specialists (just to name a few) who tirelessly plan and build gorgeous homes. Our behind-the-scenes look at what goes on behind factory doors is designed to help you better understand the process from start to finish. Our program will also provide the public with the latest information regarding manufactured home industry trends and insights.

Videos, print brochures, photography and more all come to life at FMHA.org/HandBuilt to provide you with the necessary information on manufactured homes as well as an education on how they are built, designed and sold. We want to show you how our industry has changed for the better, and we have taken a big first step in making it happen.

Although our FMHA-affiliated professionals build the house, only you can make it a home, and viewers will find out how they can create their custom home through our “Hand-Built Homes” tab on our website. Additionally, we showcase the various community styles within the manufactured housing industry to illustrate how it’s possible to tailor your lifestyle to your unique needs. We are proud of the look and feel of our homes, so we made a video which walks viewers through the manufacturing process. Viewers will also see that we not only provide a safe home but a personalized one, too. However, it looks beautiful, but is it safe? Short answer: Yes! We walk through with our viewers the standards that are in place and how each one is met.

“From floor to ceiling, these professionals build with a passion for quality and with meticulous detail. They are the backbone of our industry, so it was only natural for us to showcase them as we talk about our incredible homes.”

These words from Jim Ayotte, the Executive Director of FMHA, ring true, and we are looking forward to sharing our industry with the world.

So be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and right here on our blog because 2018 is going to be the manufactured housing industry’s finest year yet. Still itching for more details? Sign up for our FREE brochure and join our email list to receive the information that matters most to you.