Buying a Manufactured Home – What You Need to Know

Buying a Manufactured HomeIf you’re thinking about buying a manufactured home, it is important to learn as much as you can about this type of housing so that you can make informed decisions throughout the home-buying process. Getting all the information you need is as easy as turning to the Florida Manufactured Housing Association (FMHA). From explaining what a manufactured home is to connecting you with qualified home builders, communities, retail centers, financial lenders, and more, every resource you need you can find with us.

At the outset, we feel it is important that you understand what a modern-day manufactured home is and how it differs from modular housing. Here is a brief overview:

Manufactured homes

Manufactured (HUD) HomeThese are homes built in a factory setting to the manufactured housing construction and safety standards established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In the years since the HUD Code was first introduced in 1976, it has been continually updated to incorporate new advances in construction techniques, procedures, and materials. Manufactured homes are often referred to as “mobile homes” as they can be transported from the construction facility to their final location. Manufactured homes can typically be bought at lower price points than any other type of housing and are especially popular when hitting a tight budget is necessary. At the same time, manufactured homes can be customized and built with as many exotic features as your budget will allow. Minimal maintenance and low utility bills are hallmarks of manufactured homes.

Modular homes

Modular HomeManufactured homes are often confused with modular homes, which are also built in a controlled factory facility. Modular homes are substantially built in a factory, and then transported in sections to the home site where onsite work is completed. Modular homes are the fastest-growing segment of the home building industry. They allow for considerable architectural design freedom, are built to local code, can typically be built anywhere that is zoned residential, and provide the opportunity for higher appraisals.

Despite their differences, manufactured and modular homes do have several similarities that are worth discussing. First, both benefit from the inherent advantages of being built inside a factory under predictable conditions. Second, both manufactured homes and modular homes must conform to strict building codes that are constantly being updated. Third, either one can be built to be energy efficient using the latest ENERGY STAR®-rated materials and technologies.

The FMHA has members that build manufactured and modular housing, as well as other members including financial institutions, retail sales centers, housing communities, and other specialists you can turn to if you are interested in buying a manufactured home. When you’ve decided to have a manufactured or modular home built for you and your family, we can connect you with the right resources to facilitate the process. For more information on manufactured and modular housing, contact FMHA today.