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Profile: Destiny Industries, LLC

Destiny Industries, LLC

P.O. Box 2947
Moultrie, Georgia 31776

(229) 985-6200

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In Moultrie, Georgia there are stately homes with beautifully landscaped lawns, sprawling live oak trees, and a still vibrant yet quaint downtown business district replete with the 19th Century courthouse-square. In fact, Moultrie's commercial downtown area and eight notable structures throughout the community are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Quality of life is critical to a company that seeks to expand and grow; however, it isn't trees, buildings, or historic treasures that a industry primarily seeks, but a workforce with a history of productivity and commitment to excellence. It is the type of city that chamber-of-commerce economic development-teams dream about selling to prospective industrial location firms, which is why Colquit County was the largest growing county in the state of Georgia in industrial growth for 2004.

Moultrie became the home to brothers Bill and Donnie Edwards in the early 70's where they and two of their close friends started "Destiny" in 1978. By 1995 it had become the largest employer in Moultrie, and in that same year the company was sold to a New York Stock Exchange Fortune 1000 company. Despite high productivity the Moultrie facilities were closed in 2002 as part of a restructuring of that national corporation.

Moultrie has old-fashioned hometown pride in its industrial base and the workforce that supports it. Destiny was one of the homegrown industries that the town didn't want to see die, so they rallied around the rebirth of Destiny Industries, and in May of 2003 Bill and Donnie Edwards, along with several long term business associates purchased the remaining properties that had comprised of Destiny as well as the new "state of the art" 200,000 square foot, climate controlled facility that had been built in 1997.


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