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Profile: Deer Valley Homebuilders, Inc.

Deer Valley Homebuilders, Inc.

P.O. Box 310
Guin, Alabama 35563

(205) 468-8400

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Deer Valley Homebuilders understands purchasing a home is a considerable undertaking and significant investment. With Deer Valley, building materials are not compromised. Home building materials, energy efficiency and workmanship remain paramount and our driving force.

Numerous advantages are considerably evident through in-facility controlled environment building. Deer Valley Homebuilders homes are constructed without exposure to the elements. Building components stay dry and weather delays are eliminated.

In plant continual inspections result in compliance with improved current energy and construction codes. Our monitored improved techniques coupled with supply component advances result in tighter, stronger, construction and enhanced energy efficiency. Controlled planned construction improves scheduled time line completion and saves money.


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(850) 907-9111
1284 Timberlane Road,
Tallahassee, FL 32312
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